This also prevents you from having to chop onto plates which can similarly get cut and ruined. Additionally though chopping boards provide another benefit for kitchen cabinets because they enable you to avoid getting mess directly onto the sideboards. This then means that if you cut up lots of vegetables on your cabinets and are left with bits of carrot and skin, you can just tip it away into the bin. For hygiene it also allows you to wash your chopping boards in a dishwasher or in boiling water which can disinfect them to a degree that wouldn't be possible with base cabinets.

This does not mean however that you shouldn't also disinfect your cabinets and it is equally important to occasionally go around your surfaces with some kitchen bleach to ensure that you have no bacteria living on your surfaces that can otherwise get into your food. This is especially important if you have been preparing raw foods like chicken as these can carry things like salmonella food poisoning. Failure to keep your cabinets clean then can result in your getting bad food poisoning.