This will help you to keep your cabinets free from scrapes and scratches and also to avoid them being covered in bacteria that can otherwise make you ill. However it is also important when you have cabinets with doors that you keep the inside of the cabinets clean. If you are using your cabinets in order to keep your tinned foods and seasoning then it is not uncommon for bits of food to spill out over the edge and get inside the cabinets. Over time this can start to build up and result in sticky patches around your cabinets and mean that you end up with cabinets that smell and are unpleasant to be in.

This then also means that you should use bleach and disinfectant inside your cabinets and to do this you will occasionally have to empty out their entire contents. The same also goes for your cabinets that you are using to store crockery etc too however, as if you do not clean these you can end up with residue from plates etc that have not been properly cleaned (even in the most diligent of homes) which again can add up to create a stench and make the kitchen less healthy.