For most of us, kitchen cabinets make up the vast majority of our kitchens. Cabinets for the kitchens in many ways provide one of the most crucial aspects of cooking – the ability to have a surface to chop on and rest your items. A cooker is important indeed, but without base cabinets you would not have anything to put into the oven as you couldn't prepare the ingredients.

However while base cabinets provide you with that surface to work on that you couldn't do without, they also are prone to damage and getting messed up for the same reasons. This makes it very important to be careful when looking after your base cabinets so that you don't scratch them or leave them unhygienic.

The most important purchase you can make for this reason then is a chopping board. These boards provide a protective layer between your knives and your cabinets and that means you can chop on top of them without leaving scratch marks.