This is useful for when you refer to the instructions as this is how they will differentiate between the different sizes and only certain types of screws will fit in certain sections. You can then lay out the bags in front of you which will make it easier and quicker to find each piece as you need it.

When you have everything ready you then need to work through the instructions in order. This is important as often guess work can end up meaning that you assemble your parts in the wrong order and then you will have to take the whole thing apart just to fit in something that you should have done at the beginning. The instructions will be in stages then and you should follow these carefully to the letter to have the very best cabinets at the end. Another point is to make sure that when you attach things using a screw you should tighten this as well as possible. If all goes to plan you will never have to unscrew it again, so you have a free reign to make it as secure as you can and that will ensure that your kitchen cabinets are all stable and won't rock around or fall apart.