Base cabinets are the lower cabinets generally found in your kitchen or bathroom. It may contain drawers on top or just a cupboard space. These are found in wide variety of materials varying from wood to even stainless steel models. These are very reasonable in cost and you can even go for customized base cabinets rather than ready made products. If you are planning an outdoor cooking area, a base cabinet can prove to be an important storage area to keep all your stuff. But one must ensure that the material used is weatherproof to give it a longer life. For the purpose stainless steel base cabinet is quite popular. It helps you to make optimum utilization of the space available. Use of rotating plates will allow you to get all your cupboard space quickly and effortlessly. There are several layouts available in base cabinets, all can be customized as per size requirements, so one can always plan their kitchen the way they imagine it to be. one can also combine solid wood base cabinets with cupboards, pantries and hang upper cabinets above which will help you to store more stuff within little space.