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Why Chose Online Cabinets Direct?

  1. Online Cabinets Direct has been A+ Rated with The Better Business Bureau since 2009.
  2. Typical production lead times are 5-7 business days for standard finish unassembled orders, 2-3 weeks for standard finish pre-assembled orders & 4-6 weeks for custom finish pre-assembled orders.
  3. Our focus is to offer luxurious Maple Shaker & Raised panel RTA kitchen cabinets at a lower cost than our competitions particle board, flat panel or cam-lock cabinets.
  4. Our cabinetry costs less than most home centers, local cabinet companies and other online stores when you compare our construction method, finish and specifications. We are able to provide high end cabinetry with a deep furniture finish for a much lower cost to you the customer.
  5. We offer RTA Maple cabinets at wholesale prices to our retail and wholesale customers. Our cabinetry consists of full overlay, Shaker and Raised panel doors, full overlay door styling, superior quality 1/2" Maple plywood, I-Beam box construction, full extension under mount soft close drawer slides and solid wood dove tailed drawers. This is all offered to you the customer for half the cost of our competitions camnlock construction cabinetry.
  6. Online Cabinets Direct does not use plastic L brackets, metal clips or cam locks in our assembly. We pride ourself on quality which is why we use the highest grade construction method on the market today which is I-Beam which uses two 1/2" x 4" pieces of plywood which both run in the top dadoes to ensures that once your cabinet is constructed it is square and true which is most critical during your cabinet installation. Unlike our competitions cam-lock, L bracket or metal clip assembly methods which can become racked during construction and installation.
  7. Our cabinets utilize the strength of the dadoes in our plywood which enables the highest standard pin and glued constrution method to ensure you will have your cabinets are built properly and will last for many years to come.

How we do it?  Online Cabinets Direct has contact's that enable us to offer you the highest quality kitchen cabinets online. We offer Kitchen cabinets, vanity and storage cabinets online at the lowest possible price. Our primary goal is to provide superior quality high end cabinetry and pass the savings on to you the customer directly. Having this advantage enable you to have above industry standard, high end kitchen cabinets at a much lower cost than most home centers offering particle board cabinetry. Our cabinetry is not made of cheap particle board, we do not use cam-locks nor L brackets for our assembly which lowers the quality of your cabinetry. Our doors and face frames are made of furniture grade Maple wood with a deep 5 step Sherwin Williams acrylic finish, our sides are 1/2" Furniture Grade Maple plywood, and our superior quality construction enables you to purchase cabinetry that is of the highest quality cabinetry on the market today.

We encourage you to shop our prices and compare our prices with any online supplier, home center or cabinet company and you will find that our prices cannot be beat when comparing our quality, specifications and construction guide lines used in our cabinetry! Our cabinets are in stock and ready to ship no matter how large or small the order. Online Cabinets Direct has many customers that have taken our pricing to local custom cabinet companies, home centers etc., and are pleasantly surprised to find that our rta cabinetry is not only much lower in cost but superior due to our solid wood construction, full overlay styling, dove tailed drawers which exceed industry standards today.

Cabinet Details:

Soft Close Concealed 5 Point Adjustable Euro Style Hinges

Full Extension Undermount Soft Close Drawer Glides

Full Overlay Door Styling On Summit, Hampton and Parkview Series

I-Beam Box Construction

5/8 Solid Wood Dovetail Drawer Box

Five Piece Drawer Header

Solid Wood Doors and Drawers (Stained Cabinets Only) Painted Cabinets Use HDF Center Panels

½” Finished Plywood Sides

1/2" Plywood Top Supports

1/2" Plywood Back Panel With 1/2" Plywood Hanging Rails

Natural Plywood UV Finished Interior

30% to 40% Below Retail Pricing


Wood Species: Maple

Glaze: Black Glaze on Mocha, Harvest & Ginger Deluxe.  Chocolate Glaze On White Deluxe Chocolate Glaze

Door Style: Raised Panel With Decoratvie Applied Molding

Drawer Boxs: 5/8" Solid Wood

Drawers: Dovetailed Drawers

Drawer Glides: Full Extension Undermount Softclose Drawer Glides

Interior: Natural UV Finished Plywood Interior

Sides: Natural UV Finished Plywood. Skins are required on Summit Craftsman & Hampton Series

Specifications: Box: 1/2" Cabinet Grade Plywood

Shelves: 5/8" to 3/4" Double Wood Vaneer

Face Frame: 3/4" Finished Maple

Hinge Hardware: Soft Close Concealed (Euro) Style Hinges

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or bath for personal enjoyment or you are a contractor in need of a bulk order, ordering your rta cabinets online can make a great deal of sense. At Online Cabinets Direct, we provide you an alternative to going from store to store to find quality products at affordable prices. Our RTA kitchen cabinets offer the craftsmanship you seek at pricing you just wont believe.


Online Cabinets Direct is a Tennessee-based business that specializes in exceptional products at discount pricing. We have earned a reputation for delivering only the best and aim to live up to just that with every order we handle. When you buy kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities from us, you will find that shopping online for cabinetry makes a great deal of sense.


When you buy cabinets online you will enjoy these advantages:


Easier ordering At Online Cabinets Direct, we make it very easy for our customers to place their orders through our online store. While we are always available to take orders personally, many of our customers prefer the expediency of online shopping.


Faster comparisons Just browse our selection and you will see why so many customers choose to buy kitchen cabinets online. When our products are compared to our competitors our quality and exceptional pricing shine through. Shopping online makes it easier to compare not only pricing, but also craftsmanship and exact specifications.


Expedient shipping Many of our RTA kitchen cabinets are in stock and ready to deliver to your door. While some orders require specialty work, most ship within one to three weeks. This can expedite your building and remodeling projects, which is always a bonus.


Cost savings It is often less expensive for online merchants to operate their business. In our case, we pass this savings along to you. Ultimately that means when you buy cabinets online from us, youll save even more.


Making the decision to buy cabinets online is a sound choice to make. When you opt to order from Online Cabinets Direct, you can count on receiving high-end products for less. We offer you the finest cabinets at incredible pricing.


Please use the guide below to help you through the design and planning process of your kitchen. Here, you will find step by step instructions on how to measure your kitchen or bathroom, and how to create the floor plan you will use to create your new room. 

Measuring 101: Follow these steps in sequence around your room until you return to the starting point. 

Download Our Kitchen Design Grid Paper To Sketch Your Kitchen Layout

  • Measure in inches only
  • Do not measure your cabinets, measure your walls as if the room were empty
  • Measure any appliances that you are keeping and note their locations

Note ceiling height and soffit height (if applicable)

A - Measure the size of the wall.

B - If there are any windows, measure from the left corner to the window molding.

C - Measure the window itself.

D - Measure from the window molding to the right corner.

NOTE: Measurements "B" "C" "D" should equal "A".

Perform the following steps in sequence around your room until you return to the starting point.
  1. First, draw a rough sketch of your room
  2. Now measure every wall, beginning at the left corner, to the far right corner. Write the total measurements in inches. 
  3. Measure from the left corner to the edge of the opening, window or door etc.
  4. Now measure across the opening, from trim edge to trim edge. 
  5. Next, measure from trim edge to far wall. Compare this measurement to the total of the previous three. They should be equal. Make sure to mark exact locations of sinks, water lines, electrical outlets, and switches on the drawing. Measure to the center of these, not the edge.
  6. Now we'll measure all of the openings in the room. For the windows, measure from the floor to the window sill, then measure from the window sill to the top of the window. Now measure from the top of the window to the ceiling. Now measure from the floor to the ceiling. Compare this measurement to the total of the previous three. They should be equal.
  7. To measure door openings, measure the width of the door from trim edge to trim edge. Indicate the position of the door swing on your drawing. 
  8. Now just get height, width, and depth measurements for all the appliances in the room, (stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, etc.), and mark their locations on your drawing. Then go back and double check your measurements.
Online Cabinet Direct will design your kitchen for you utilizing our advanced kitchen design software. However, you will be responsible for the accuracy of the measurements and online ordering. Online Cabinets Direct will accept no responsibility for any inaccurate measurements or designs due to measurements sent to Online Cabinets Direct. Online Cabinets Direct recommends you to have your kitchen designed by a professional that is able to be onsite and measure your kitchen/bath/entertainment center for you. If you are unsure of the kitchen measurements, please have a professional assist you. Once the measurements are taken, email the measurements to [email protected] and we will design your kitchen for you. When the design is complete we will email the design to you with a price quotation. Additionally, we will also tell you how much filler, molding and toe kick to purchase. When you have received this information you will be able to complete the process of ordering your beautiful kitchen online. You are responsible for checking the measurements and design to ensure the proper fit of the cabinets for your kitchen.

Please call 615-828-8377, Fax 1-877-637-3727 or email us at [email protected] with any questions.

To order any of our RTA kitchen cabinets, just shop our convenient online store. You can also contact us directly for personalized service.