Wall Cabinet Pricing

Our rta wall kitchen cabinets come in a variety of sizes ranging from 9" to 48" wide, 12" to 42" tall and 12" to 24" deep. We understand that you may have many questions regarding sizes or how to know exactly which wall cabinet size you require and how to know which of our cabinets you are looking for. Our RTA wall cabinets dimensions are easy to understand as they are all measured width x length. So if you require a wall cabinet 24" wide x 30" tall you would select our W2430BD (BD is short for butt door or double door). Wall Cabinet Examples: (W1230) = 12" Wide x 12" Deep x 30" Tall Wall Cabinet With A Single Door / (W2430BD) = 24" Wide x 12" Deep x 30" Tall Wall Cabinet With Double Doors. 

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